The Forgotten Man

The forgotten man
Remains forgotten
While a confetti carnival
Of byway promises
Blows by his rampart
Never piercing, 
never being heard
Their echos lingering
As if to cry
In mocking tone:
“Not you, not you... not you”.

How could you not
Expect the man
Long forgotten to all
But his soul
To hang on to hope
To fight for
To accept his bias
To redeem his

No —
The forgotten man
Remains forgotten
Whether through
Rain or sleet
Or wind or hail
Or the white crackling
Screen of television

Slipping deeper and deeper
Into his own Narnia
With each cycle
That passes him by
With each half hearted grab
Towards swift currents of life
Resulting in nothing
More than
Flesh wounds.

And that is why
No words will help
No logic will conquer
And no emotional appeal 
To his better senses
Can ever pierce his veil
So long as he
Remains forgotten.