On The Outside.

We press onwards through the day

No wants, no comforts nor fears

Carrying the as yet unbroken, unbearable weight

Of expectations, of change.

For no one told us to worry

No one taught us to flee

We pushed on come hell or high water

Through roads in the autumn

With trees tossing in the sunset

Our every intention to stop, set down

And explore their intricate brambles

In the thicket of all that was known

And all that was named.

Yet we pressed, forward, towards a future both fuzzy

And clear

Through mountains and valleys built

In our own image, enshrined

By our own minds

A cage of our own making

The lock and key undone

Through a lifetime of getting ahead

And winning the finite games of the world

When in reality what awaits on the

Other side of dogma

Is the infinite, where we find

Not this that or the other

But more of it all

Than we could have ever


As we struggled, ceaselessly beat back

On the outside.