Puddles & Moments

Moments. There’s a school of thought which says that life is not a stream or river, as it’s popularly characterized, but rather a series of puddles. Moments. Brief illuminant reflections where we are able to see. Moments shape perception shapes moments. On and on ad infinitum. This is an interesting perspective as it forces you to see moments as not fleeting disparate threads but as the tapestry of life itself. Modern productivity is obsessed with making the most of every moment. Squeezing out every drop of life, work, or emotion. This constant maximization, while surely beneficial, can also suck the joy out of living. Rather than seeking to constantly squeeze the very most of each moment, why not seek peace and joy in the here and now. That peace may come from living each “moment to the fullest” as the popular adage goes. Or it may come from simply letting the moment be, being present and appreciating it for what it is. At the end of the day, we don’t remember days or months or years — we remember moments. Flashbulb memories of scent, sound, emotion. We likely won’t remember whether we squeezed the moment dry of life but rather what life really meant in that instant. What magic lay embedded in that moment. Strive to experience the moments as they are, as we are, and to make progress - but not at the cost of this magic. For at the end of the day, what is the world without at least a touch of sparkle.